Experience so far: delays

One of the most frustrating things about this whole process for me, has been the lack of communication in the early stages. When we reserved we were told that we should be in before Christmas. Imagine the excitement of the first Christmas in your new home!

Fast-forward to December and we’d still had no communication from the developers, and when asked we were just told that there had been delays and there wasn’t an update for us.

It was March before we heard any real update. Which was extremely frustrating as by that point it felt like we’d been waiting forever – but I suppose it’s to be expected as they can never know for sure how long these things will take, and the terrible weather we’ve had this year probably didn’t help.

But wow, once things start happening, do they happen quick! As soon as we reached stage 4 (there are 21 stages in total) we suddenly were being chased by the mortgage advisor to send them everything they needed, going down to the site to go through the last paperwork and be shown through the finer details, and going to the plot for our first look around!

We’ve been given a goal exchange date for the 1st of May, ready to move in June. I’m suddenly beginning to realise just how much we now have to buy and sort, and the clock is ticking!

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