Experience so far: reserving a new build plot

Reserving our home was every bit as exciting as I would have expected. It was May bank holiday and a beautiful sunny day, we arrived at the developers and I was so excited but also nervous because I half expected us to turn us down there and then!

The process for us was as follows…firstly, after we’d picked out the plot that we wanted to reserve and scanned through all of the leaflets, the developers got us on the phone to their mortgage advisors. The call was about 20 minutes long, where we answered various questions around income and outgoings and that sort of thing. They then went away and calculated whether or not they thought we would have a problem securing the mortgage we needed. Whilst they were doing that, we made a start on filling in the reservation paperwork. You need to bring with you some ID and proof of address to make your reservation too, which we didn’t know at the time so while the mortgage advisor was doing their thing we rushed home to pick up the bits we needed.

Once everything was confirmed we were able to go through with the reservation. There’s a small reservation fee to pay (£200), and then that shiny reserved sticker gets put on the development map! We made the decision to go ahead with using the solicitors and mortgage advisors recommended by the developers to save us some time and hassle, but you’re also more than welcome to use your own choices.

We were extremely lucky that a house the same as ours had just been completed so could have a look around and see for real what our future home would look like. Looking around show homes is good too because not only is it super exciting, you get to see what the different options look like in person such as the kitchen styles and any extras that are shown. Here are some show-home snaps of another home like ours!

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