Another month gone, and I have to say this one has flown by.

I’d started out at the beginning of the month vowing to myself to start to make the time to get back to this and to give myself more “me” time rather than being such a workaholic – but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and changing when you’re so set in your ways is no easy feat!

So lets get to it…


@Rufford Abbey – near Ollerton, Notts

One of the reasons I’m so excited for us to move to our new home in Ollerton, is also because of how close we’ll be to Rufford. This place holds such a special place in my heart.

There are a few spots to go to with Ant that I will always think of as “our” spots, and Rufford has always been one of them from being 16 it was our go-to place for a little walk and to feed the ducks. It may be small compared to some of the other parks in the area, but to me no matter when you go there’s always something so beautiful about this place (and it takes some amazing shots for Insta, of course).



Since Notts will now be our closest city, it’s only right that we start to see what it has to offer, and so far it has not disappointed!

@Oaks – we stopped off at Oaks last Saturday for the last weekend of their “bottomless BBQ” and oh my! So many varieties of sausage, burgers, ribs, chicken, and so much more, and we stuffed our faces with the lot. You’ll be happy to hear it was also vegan/vegetarian friendly! (Ant was horrified that I preferred the vegan sausages to the meat ones!)

Edit – I’ve just seen that due to popular demand they are continuing this for longer!


The amount of times I’ve walked through the square I’d not even noticed this place tucked away, and it’s now become an obligatory part of any trip into Nottingham. All handmade, and even with vegan options (vegan cherry bakewell, say whaaaat) they have the most amazing variety, with new choices literally every time i’ve been.

This week we had from left to right… Milky bar, caramel carrot cake, white kit kat, and caramel shortbread.


@BigSkyCinema at @Hodsock Priory

I’d never been to an outdoor cinema before, so when I saw that UP was showing nearby we just had to go see what all the fuss was about.

We arrived a little early, which didn’t bother us as we had the chance to explore the beautiful grounds. Hodsock Priory is the perfect wedding backdrop, with gorgeous grounds and the building itself is simply stunning. It was such a cute romantic night, Ant even packed us a little picnic which was the sweetest addition to a perfect night.

New books, coffee shops, and a little bit of me time.

When living with mental illness for so long, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to take care of yourself in the simplest of ways. Something as simple as sitting with a coffee in the sunshine, and just taking a real moment to stop and relax is something that I’ve barely done in so long it’s amazing what a difference it can make to your mood.

I made a vow to myself this month that at least once a week I will take a day (or evening) for myself, where I make only myself my complete priority, and give myself some space to clear my head and just relax.

Take care of yourself, love, Jess


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