If there’s one thing that me and Ant absolutely love doing lately, it’s going on little afternoon “adventures” to places we’ve never been. Surprisingly for me, my favourites always seem to be wandering through the countryside and little villages, taking all the beautiful scenery and views of rolling fields.

Today we ventured to a little village called Ossington, just north of Newark, where we came across a small but picturesque church with the most stunning stained-glass windows and a maze of footpaths through forests and fields to wander. As a bonus we also timed it perfectly with the sunset (it seems to be getting darker so much earlier these past few days!) which always makes for a truly magical walk.

Ossington church tower

Ossington church door

Statue at Ossington church

Beautiful stained glass window at Ossington church

Freshly chopped logs

Tropical pink and orange sunset on our countryside walk

Wheat field and a dusky pink sky

We’re always so busy that it can be easy to forget to take the time to find some peace, and I always find these walks are the perfect way to de-stress and also re-connect with each other.

Love, Jess


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