Jess Jean


Now it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t bring back one of my all-time faves… and as it’s my first in a very long time I’ve decided to start with a month rather than just the week!


@Makushi Coffee Roasters – Steep Hill, Lincoln

Oh my, this place was amazing! (and well worth the trek up Steep Hill). We sat up on their little rooftop terrace for a spot of brunch before hitting the shops, and we were not disappointed. I went for sourdough toast topped with peanut butter, cinnamon, honey, banana and seeds; Ant went for soft cheese, salmon and cucumber – and coffees, of course. Who knew something as simple as toast could be so delicious? Have a nosey on their Insta too and drool over that smoothie bowl, which is definitely my choice for next time.


Miles and miles of walking/running.

If you’d have told me a few years ago that I was going to really get into health/fitness I would have completely laughed in your face, yet somehow I’ve become a changed woman in the last couple of years. This time of year is the best because the sun is shining and I can get my running shoes outside and let these amazing views keep me motivated – a definite perk since moving back home last year. I’ve downloaded MyFitnessPal along with MapMyRun which sync together really well and help me keep track of everything.


@Betty’s tearoom, York

Technically this was for my birthday which was *just* over a month ago now, but I wanted to include it anyway. I always find there’s something really special about taking a trip to Betty’s, and have you seen those macarons!? I went for a raspberry one which was filled with buttercream and fresh raspberries, along with a china rose tea and was certainly not disappointed!


Little adventures with Ant

Probably always the perks of my week are the walks I go on with Ant, exploring new places and just spending some real quality time together.


@The Botanist, Sheffield

Now I’ve been wanting to go to a Botanist for a few years now after I visited The Alchemist in Leeds by the same company and it was absolutely amazing (I’d highly recommend the lavender daiquiri!). Whilst we didn’t go for food which I’d still love to do, I was sad to say I was a little bit disappointed with The Botanist.

The concept itself was super cute, with drinks being served from teacups and plant pots – the teapot was steaming with dry ice so it looked like a real steamy pot of tea. The drinks themselves were also delicious – I found myself mesmerised by the woman who was making the drinks with such skill – however, when it came to drinking them I found all you really had just paid £10 for was a pot of ice with the smallest amount of cocktail poured over. Obviously this could just be the person who made our drinks on this occasion so I wouldn’t write them off completely – I also tried the pornstar martini which was out of this world.

It’s still on my highlights because despite this I still had a great time there and would happily return. I would just probably be more particular about which drinks I order!

Love, Jess


If there’s one thing that me and Ant absolutely love doing lately, it’s going on little afternoon “adventures” to places we’ve never been. Surprisingly for me, my favourites always seem to be wandering through the countryside and little villages, taking all the beautiful scenery and views of rolling fields.

Today we ventured to a little village called Ossington, just north of Newark, where we came across a small but picturesque church with the most stunning stained-glass windows and a maze of footpaths through forests and fields to wander. As a bonus we also timed it perfectly with the sunset (it seems to be getting darker so much earlier these past few days!) which always makes for a truly magical walk.

Ossington church tower

Ossington church door

Statue at Ossington church

Beautiful stained glass window at Ossington church

Freshly chopped logs

Tropical pink and orange sunset on our countryside walk

Wheat field and a dusky pink sky

We’re always so busy that it can be easy to forget to take the time to find some peace, and I always find these walks are the perfect way to de-stress and also re-connect with each other.

Love, Jess


It all sounds so cliche and a little bit pathetic, but that’s what I found myself doing.

At the age of 20, I thought I already had it all worked out. I had a beautiful home, a decent enough job and was happily engaged. I made sure that from the outside looking in, everybody would think that I had it all figured out too. I’d invite them over to my perfectly set up home, unknowing that just a few hours before I’d had to scrub days worth of washing up stacked up in the sink because we’d been in yet another battle about whose turn it was.

I even managed to convince myself that everything was great and that we’d soon be married and starting to build that “happily ever after” that I’d always dreamed about. I made excuses for every single flaw; it took me so long to realise that I wanted more from life and from a relationship, and thats it’s unfair to expect somebody else to change just to make you happier.

So, just before my 21st birthday I packed up my home and moved back in with my parents.

It’s been a year of many ups and downs, and I feel like taking a step back from sharing my life with you on here and through YouTube was the best thing for me at the time. Vlogging was something that we had done together, and being on my own I felt a little bit lost with it. I felt I had nothing left to blog about because everything that was exciting in my life had gone, and my life had turned into nothing but a routine of work, work and more work as I also started a new (and very exciting) job.

A few months had passed, and I found myself back with Ant (who I was with before Ryan) and things suddenly started getting better for me, a year later and we’ve reserved a plot for our first home to be built early next year and I couldn’t be more excited.

I went through a bit of a dark period, especially in a the last 6 months – which i’ll get into on another post – and now i’m feeling more like myself again I feel I needed something to be passionate about. So here I am, starting over with a clean slate and a head buzzing with ideas.

Love, Jess